The incredible arts spectacle Stimulate by Heavenly Creatures Productions returns for its second year and this time it's bigger and better in so many ways. Join us for a delightful night of immersive and interactive entertainment that will set your senses alight. An all round experience featuring musical, visual and performance art from up and coming and established talent across New Zealand. The team at HCP have been working hard to ensure there is something for everyone at this event and that you'll be blown away the moment you step through the door. Held at the iconic and prestigious Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen, Stimulate 2.0 promises to mesmerise and entice you in every corner of this exquisite venue. Featuring the entire Heavenly Creatures Performance artist lineup plus some delicious guest performers such as the one & only KIKI KISSES & others yet to be announced. Stimulate 2.0 will also features the groovy tunes of PATSY SKEET & NOT LAUREN and the visual art of PATTY LEGARA plus a few more musical & visual artists yet to be announced. Dust off those dancing boots, it's time to get Stimulated. ✨