Calling all Attuned Hiphoppas! Calling all Emcees, Breakers, Deejays and Graffiti Writers. Calling all Street Fashionistas, Entrepreneurs, Street Poets and Prophets. Calling all Freaks, Hippies, Punks, and Nerds. Mothership Cypher Episode 6 at Bridgespace Commons October 18th, 2023 Doors open at 7:30 8pm-12am Hosted by: Emily Ra and the Kin of Merlin Crew Featured Dancers: Team NBHitterz Jordan Sun Amrita Amanita Featured Emcees: TBA Featured Painters: TBA Teazone: Sheba and Primal Arts 7:30 DOORS OPEN 7:45 8:00 OPENING DRUM CIRCLE 8:15 DANCE PERFORMANCE WITH TEAM NBH 8:30 CYPHER 9:00 FEATURED ARTIST #1 TBA 9:45 DRUM CIRCLE 10 FEATURED ARTIST #2 10:30 CYPHER 11:11 DANCE PERFORMANCE WITH JORDAN SUN 11:30 DRUM CIRCLE/CYPHER 11:45 CLOSING DANCE PERFORMANCE WITH AMRITA AMANITA 12 DOORS CLOSE Livestream Available --- Follow @mothershipcypherpdx for more details Bring.drums, shakers, and rattles. All are welcome. Mothership Cypher is a grassroots community based organization dedicated to creating safe space for community to create in. We curate peaceful, loving, and fun events where humans from diverse backgrounds can come together in unity through the elements of Hip Hop. We gather to support venues that are doing groundbreaking work to support community and the arts.