NZPMU EVENTS PRESENTS Theme: The Bold and the Beautiful: New Zealand's FIRST! and long over due Permanant Makeup Conference 2024. Location: Auckland Date: JULY 2024 More Details to come. WELCOME! to The Bold and the Beautiful a PMU conference brought to you by NZPMU EVENTS LTD. It's time for our artist to show their flare, their vibrancy and to bring life to our ever growing industry. The 2024 conference will be a dynamic gathering of industry experts, renowned artists, and passionate professionals, all driven by a shared mission: to create bold, beautiful, and transformative permanent makeup experiences. Our Mission is to empower New Zealands PMU artist to be the best they can be by providing them with the ultimate educational experience right here at home. Join us for a series of captivating guess speakers, VIP Workshops, and hands on fun led by visionaries in the industry. Gain insider insights into the secrets behind their success. From innovative tools and pigment selection to advanced application techniques, you'll leave with the knowledge and skills to push the boundaries of your own artistry. The Bold and the Beautiful NZPMU Conference provides a vibrant networking atmosphere, where professionals from around New Zealand come together to connect, collaborate, and build lasting relationships. Exchange ideas, share experiences, and discover new opportunities in an inclusive and supportive community of like-minded individuals. This conference is not just about skill enhancement; it's about embracing the empowering impact of permanent makeup. Engage in thought-provoking panel discussions and keynote presentations that explore the transformative effects of permanent makeup on self-confidence, body positivity, and personal expression. Discover how you can use your artistry to empower individuals and make a lasting impact. Key highlights of The Bold and the Beautiful NZPMU conference. 1. International and Top of the industry NZ speakers. 2. Vibrant networking opportunities to connect and collaborate with professionals worldwide. 3. Inspiring keynote presentations and panel discussions on the transformative power of permanent makeup. 4. Meet some of your favourite Artist in real life, create memories, take photos and show off. 5. Learn all the best kept secrets to build your brand and show off on social media to help attract clients. 6. You'll leave the event feeling inspired, empowered and ready to kick ass in the real world. Much love We can't wait to see you there. -NZ PMU Events Team