Can I change the card my refund is processed to?

No, this is not possible. As a refund is in effect a reversal of a payment, it is not possible to alter which account it goes back to. Upon a refund being triggered, the transaction is simply reversed, which means it automatically goes back into the account it came from. For this reason, it is not something we can manually alter.

In cases where cards are cancelled, the bank or card issuer is responsible for ensuring any refunds that arrive following cancellation are credited to the customer. All cards are linked to an account and it is the account that gets credited. Where the account no longer exists, the bank or card issuer has protocols in place to have the funds forwarded to the previous account holder.

Refunds can only ever be sent to the card used to make payment. Once the funds arrive at your bank, they are responsible for ensuring they are returned to you, and they also have the relevant personal information for contacting you or account information if you continue to be a customer but with a different account. If you cannot see your refund after 10 working days of it being issued to you, please speak to your bank and they'll be able to locate your funds for you.

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