What is the Resale System?

The Ticket Fairy Resale System allows you to resell your tickets if you can no longer attend, safely, securely and hassle-free.
The only way to transfer ownership of a ticket is when it is bought/sold via our resale system. We strongly advise against private/third-party sales and for our buyers' and sellers' protection, advise all resales to be initiated only via the resale system.
Ticket resales include all relevant add-ons along with it; any add-ons that are assigned to a ticket will also be sold by default in the same transaction unless sold separately ahead of time, since an add-on alone without an event ticket is no good to anyone! If enabled, add-ons may be resold separately, whilst keeping the ticket. Tickets may only be sold individually/one at a time.
As a seller:
When you sell a ticket via the resale system, your ticket will be cancelled, you will receive a full refund and the buyer will receive a new ticket directly into their Ticket Fairy account. You no longer own the ticket and it will no longer be in your account. Provided the event has enabled resales, you can place your ticket up for resale via your Ticket Fairy account. Full instructions on how to do this can be found here. If/when your ticket has been purchased, you'll receive an email confirming the sale and your refund will be automatically triggered back to your original method of payment. Event dependent, you may incur a resale fee, if one is set by the event organizer. The fee will be shown before you agree to the terms of resale and cannot be passed on to the purchaser. You will be refunded the amount you paid, less the resale fee if one is set. 
As a buyer:
If you have signed up to an event's Waiting List, or have had a seller made a ticket available to you for purchase, you will receive a system-generated email invitation — only ever from support@theticketfairy.com or support@ticketfairy.com, no other address under any circumstances — to purchase a ticket. There'll be a brief overview of exactly what's on offer, the price, and a link to click to buy. Payment details are taken there and then via our secure website, and upon completion you are emailed an Order Confirmation email with a ticket that is functionally identical to all others we've sold for that event, along with a Ticket Fairy account being created for you under the specified email address. This ticket will now be in your Ticket Fairy account to make amendments, purchase add-ons, or even resell once again.  
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