Before writing in to us...

Allow us to leave a few pointers, which will better help us to help you:

The more information you can provide in your first message to us, the easier it is for us to help. Explain with as much clarity and detail as possible what it is you need from us, and we'll set about helping as best we can; less back and forth emails = faster resolution. Your seven-digit Order Number is great if you know it; your Ticket ID is the next best thing after that. Please don’t send screenshots or attach tickets, unless asked to — when looking things up, it’s easier for all involved if we can simply copy+paste info from the email body rather than download/manually scan files, as everything other than the aforementioned numbers within a screenshot serve no useful function for your request. Failing those, we would of course need the exact name of the event, but feel free to also inform us of:

• Names on the tickets
• How many tickets within the order
• Type of ticket (early bird, first release etc)
• Duration of validity (1 day pass, 2 day etc)
• Extras (camping, buses, after party etc) they can help narrow down a search considerably. Likely email addresses used for purchase are useful too, since people often first write in from Facebook or Twitter.

If your message pertains to a website issue rather than a ticket one however, then of course screenshots are very helpful indeed! Please be as descriptive of the difficulty you're experiencing as possible, with a clear sense of when it is things don't go the way you're expecting them to. For example, if you think you input the wrong email address at any point, tell us the 'wrong' one as well as the intended one. "Not working", "can't log in" etc are less than ideal starting points for us, in isolation.

A message sent isn’t always a message read. We endeavour to respond to all messages within 48 hours, but at times it can take longer. Words like "urgent" and "ASAP" in subject lines are of limited use, since we typically respond to messages in the order they are sent to us, but ALL messages are replied to as soon as we possibly can.

Please send only ONE message; multiple emails open multiple Support tickets, and merging them (which we'll do so as to keep all information/communication in one place) slows down our response times. As an extension of that, writing in over multiple mediums might seem like a good idea at the time, but again only slows us down. So emailing, then DMing on Twitter, then Facebook messaging... we'd be grateful if you didn't do that, thanks! Also writing in on behalf of a friend or partner is often counter-productive, especially if you don't supply their name; it's always better if people write in about their own specific queries.

Please NEVER send us credit card details, for yourself nor anyone else. Anything other than the last 4 digits of the card is both an un-necessary risk and information that we can't actually use in Support.

A lot of the specifics related to an event are likely to be unknown to us. So bear that in mind if you're about to write in asking how far away the car park is from the venue, whether barbecues are permitted on the campsite, what provisions are in place for disability access etc... as the ticketing partner, all we can do with those queries is attempt to re-direct you to those that should know better than us!

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