Resales & Waiting Lists: What They Are, How They Work

Popular events sell out all their tickets, and the even more popular ones have people who'd like to buy tickets even after the event has sold out. For these times, there are Waiting Lists. Not all events have them, but for the ones that do, they work as follows:

1) They offer advance/priority tickets to all sign-ups, should any additional releases be made available.

2) They offer sign-ups a chance to purchase tickets from those later unable to attend the event for whatever reason.

To expand a little on #2, tickets that customers wish to sell on don't ever get added to the main inventory. People sometimes go back to the event page expecting to see tickets available there again, but that's not how it works here, since both we and the event organisers want those tickets to go to those who want them most; signing up to be in with a second chance at securing a ticket is a good indicator of this, in our view!

So... the sign up process is simply a matter of going back to the event page on our site where the tickets were originally being sold, providing a name and email, as well as how many tickets are wanted, and which kind (where applicable). Details are logged on the system and any/all offers are made on a 'first come, first served' basis, so the sooner you sign up the more likely you are to get what you're after. If/when an offer comes up that matches your stipulated needs it'll be offered to you, subject to names before yours on the list wanting the exact same thing and having declined or pass on it/them. So if you'd opted for, say, two 3-day festival tickets, subject to availability you wouldn't be offered just one ticket, nor three, nor any quantity of 1-day tickets, and so on. This offer comes in the form of an email from us, with a brief outline of the ticket details, type, any add-ons if applicable, and total price — this is your invitation to buy. Clicking through brings up a page to take payment via card, and moments after completion the ticket is yours — in your name, in your shiny new account on our website, second hand yet (literally) as good as new. There's no traceability back to your seller thereafter either. This process is completely automated. Customer Support can't tell anyone where they are 'in the queue', nor can they move anyone up or down (upon request nor otherwise), nor amend the number of tickets requested at sign-up time.

And for the ones that don't? One can always sell to/buy from a specific person. What's needed is just a name and email address; it's not necessary for the would-be buyer to have a Ticket Fairy account of their own. Once these have been put into the system, it'll send this person an email invitation to offer them the ticket, including info regarding the type of ticket, cost (they can only be sold at face value), and a time window within which it'll be available to buy. If they click the link within the invitation, submit card details and go through with the purchase, the seller's ticket will be completely cancelled and invalidated, even if they'd already printed a copy; they’ll be refunded back via their original payment card, and a new ticket/QR code will be issued for the buyer in their name.

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