I wish/need to sell my ticket(s), how do I do this?

Ticket Fairy's official Resale System should be used to safely and securely sell unwanted tickets for events that have enabled resales. We insist all sales be initiated only via our resale system whenever available.

Resales are enabled by the event's organisers. Not all events allow resales. Those that do may only allow them for a period of time. All the following instructions are undertaken by selecting your order from the My Tickets section of your Ticket Fairy account.

If you can see a 'Sell Ticket' button within your order, then secure resales within our system are active/available for that event. After pressing the button you potentially have two options when placing your ticket up for resale. Option one, the more common one, is to make your ticket available to a specific person, someone you know or simply wish to sell to. You'll need just their name and email address. They don't need an existing Ticket Fairy account of their own; one will be system-created if/when needed. Once you've entered those details our system sends that person an email invitation to offer them your ticket, comprising information regarding the type of ticket, cost, and other relevant details where applicable. If they go through with the purchase, making their payment via card just as you did, your ticket will be completely cancelled and invalidated (even if you'd already printed or downloaded a copy), you’ll be refunded back to the account linked with your original payment card (typically within ten working days), and a new ticket — visually indistinguishable from a brand new ticket, and functionally identical — will be issued to the buyer in a name they choose. The invitation to purchase a ticket offered in this way will never expire, nor will it ever be offered to anyone other than the individual you've chosen to sell to. If you've used social media or any other platform to advertise your ticket(s) for sale and have found a buyer, the next step is to take an email address from them and initiate the sale through the resale system, not to sell privately; under no circumstances can you accept cash payments or transfer of funds for your ticket, nor will any be assistance given from Customer Support to those who've done such things, even without realising.

Option two is for your ticket to be offered to a Waiting List, which is made up of those unable to secure tickets before they sold out. Waiting List tickets are offered to customers on a first-come-first-served basis. Our system automatically matches buyer with seller according to their specific request submitted when joining the Waiting List. If a ticket is not sold it means that there isn't a 'match', or all Waiting List customers have been served by other ticket holders who've also placed their ticket(s) for sale; a ticket submitted to a Waiting List can never be guaranteed to be sold. Option two will only ever be available once the event sells out, if the event organiser has also enabled a Waiting List. A ticket sold this way involves a time window within which it'll be available for the person offered to buy (after which the next person on the list is contacted); this window varies according to how far off the event day is, and the window decreases in duration as the date draws nearer.

If you are selling your ticket(s) you are can only do so via the official Ticket Fairy resale system, as we do not operate in conjunction/co-operation with ANY other website eg Tixel, Viagogo, TradeMe, Lyte etc. Ticket Fairy tickets are otherwise non-transferable and the purchaser could be denied entry to the event without refund if not resold the approved way. Tickets may be sold individually/one at a time, or as a complete order via a separate 'Sell Order' button, usually located top left on the relevant order's page. Please also note that tickets may only be resold at the price paid and, depending on the event, you may also incur a resale/transfer fee if one is set by the event organiser; none of any such fees are retained by us. That fee will be shown before you confirm and cannot be passed on to the purchaser. Finally, ticket resales include all relevant add-ons along with it; any/all such purchases will also be sold by default in the same transaction unless sold separately ahead of time, since an add-on without an event ticket is no good to anyone! For some events, add-ons may be resold separately whilst keeping the ticket. In these instances, you will clearly see an option to 'Sell Add-On' next to your add-on. 

To summarise, as we appreciate that was a lot of info:

1. Log in to your Ticket Fairy account
2. Select the event you would like to sell the ticket for, under My Tickets
3. Click on the 'Sell Ticket' button (or 'Sell Order' if available/desired)
4. Select the option that applies to you: either 'I want to sell my ticket to someone I know' or 
'I will sell my ticket to anyone who wants to buy it' (NB: this second option may not be available, as it requires the event to already be sold out and to have an active Waiting List)

5. Enter your buyer's full name and email address (only if you chose the first option from Step 4)
6. Read and agree to the terms of resale and hit confirm!

If/once your ticket/add-on is sold, you'll be notified via email and your refund automatically processed back via the original payment method. A change in card details or bank account between the date of purchase and the date of resale isn't typically an issue.

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