Quagga Inspection (Applicable to Bring your own Boat ticket holders)

The boats must be 100% cleaned, drained, and dry. Do not wash the boat. Do not run the boat on the hose. Do not put ice into the boat until after the inspection. Every portion of the boat will be inspected:

- Hull
- Through hull fittings.
- Trailer
- Water intakes
- Water outlets
- Exhaust outlets
- Engine compartment
- All storage compartments
- Livewells and ballast tanks if applicable
- The anchor
- All equipment on the boat

All boaters are welcome to obtain an inspection prior to the night of the movie, a re-entry seal will lock the trailer to the boat. If the boat has an approved lake re-entry seal, they can bypass the inspection. Re-entry seals are accepted from the following lakes: Lake Perris, Silverwood Lake, Lake Puddingstone, Lake Nacimiento, Lake Crawley and Lake Tahoe. 

All boats must have been off of the water from quagga or zebra mussel positive waters for at least 8 days.

 If the aquatic invasive species inspection is failed, the boat will be excluded from launching and must dry out for 8 days prior to re-inspection. Any questions on the inspection process please call the park office 661 257-4050.

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