Bought/are buying a second-hand ticket that originates from here at Ticket Fairy?

We are happy to offer assistance and support for all customers we’ve sold tickets/products to directly.

All transfers must be conducted via the ‘Sell Ticket’ function on the Ticket Fairy website. It is not permitted to transfer the use or ownership of a Ticket Fairy ticket on or via a third-party resale platform, social media network, private transaction or any other method or protocol. Ticket Fairy tickets can only be transferred via the official Resale System (via the ‘Sell Ticket’ function).

Unfortunately, if you have already purchased a ticket privately outside of our resale system, we will not be able to offer you support for this and you will need to contact the seller directly. We cannot take responsibility for any private/third party sales made outside of our resale system and it’s exclusively the seller’s duty to make good on whatever agreement you came to between yourselves.

As a buyer that has bought a resale ticket, you will receive an email invitation (system-generated, from a Ticket Fairy email address) to purchase a ticket. This email will have a brief overview of exactly what's on offer, the price, and a link to click to buy. Payment details are taken there and then via our secure website, and upon completion you are emailed an Order Confirmation email with a ticket that is functionally identical to all others we've sold for that event, along with a Ticket Fairy account being created for you under the specified email address. This ticket will now be in your Ticket Fairy account to make amendments, purchase add-ons, or even resell once again. If this didn't happen for you, your purchase was not official. 

Frequently Asked Questions include:

"So we got this ticket from [insert 3rd party website here] and need the name changed on it, can you help?"

"The guy/girl that sold us this said that you'd change the name for us?"

"Just wanted to check that this ticket was legit/definitely changed to my name?"

"The person that agreed to sell me a ticket has gone quiet on me, are you able to contact them?"

"After buying this ticket plans have changed and it needs to be sold again, I don't have the seller's details any more... what can we do?"

"We got back in touch with the seller and they said they can't do another name change - can you reverse this for us, or allow us to do one more?"

"Since buying this second-hand ticket the show has been cancelled - can we get a refund off you?"

We're unable to help with any of those written above, nor anything similar to those. A ticket bought from someone else makes you their customer rather than one of ours.

So, to be clear:

If you arranged for a ticket to be changed into your name and had it emailed to you after paying for it privately, the ticket remains in the seller’s Ticket Fairy account, as a sale outside of the resale system does not transfer ownership of the ticket to the buyer. The ticket is still the seller’s property, irrespective of it now being in your name. Any amendments can only be made by the person whose account the ticket is in, in the scenario of a private sale such as this, this will be the seller, not you as a private buyer. Your seller cannot change the name on the ticket again if you can now no longer attend, and nor can we. If this happens, your seller must officially sell their ticket through our resale system if they don't wish to keep it, or someone else wants it. This involves us taking a payment from the new buyer and the seller being refunded, so if you paid your seller privately you'll also need to think about getting your money back. 

We do understand and completely sympathise with you, if you have found yourself in this type of unfortunate situation and are sorry we can't do any more for you. We want to make sure our buyers and sellers are protected. To help us help you and to stop people misusing our system, please ensure you only buy and sell tickets through the resale system.

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