Money back for friends' ticket purchases — how/when?

So you were able to get a few friends to join you at an event, and were wondering at what point you'll get back that percentage of your ticket cost that you read about?

You should receive system confirmation via email of any/all successful purchases made using your link; keep in mind that to not have received an email doesn't necessarily mean you've been unsuccessful however! We usually issue referral rebates a couple of weeks post show date, once all number-crunching and business-type things are all wrapped up. In some cases, however, it can be a little longer. You can rest assured that any referrals you have made have been tracked and that your rebate, if eligible, will be with you in due course. There is nothing further for you to do at your end other than wait for your funds to arrive. You'll be notified by email once these have been issued also. Funds go back to the account the initial purchase payment came from.

The price paid doesn't change dynamically, in any case — we simply adjust your rebate tier accordingly. Since rebates are only issued after the event has taken place, it'd actually be misleading/inaccurate to adjust the number value of the price paid. 

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