What is Tepee Life?

Tepee Life provides pre-set-up teepees for you and your guests to stay in when you arrive. At the end of the festival, you walk away, no pack up. It’s a great choice for the environment and a great choice for you. Everyone who is staying in the tent needs to have the correct “3Day + Riverside Camping” ticket. You can purchase a Tepee Life tent add-on here! (LINK: www.121festival.co.nz/tickets).


What’s inside the Tepee Life tents?

Check the ticket listing before you purchase, there are multiple pre-pitched options available, some with bedding and some without. Some Pre-Pitched tents come with a stretcher or double air mattress (depending on configuration) and do not include bedding. Glamping tents may come with stretchers or double air mattresses (depending on configuration), bedding, mats, a box table and a lantern. So please, double check the provisions on the ticket listing before attending the festival, so you are clear on what or/if you need to bring.


Do I get to take the Tepee Life tent home with me?

No. They get reused at multiple festivals around the country each year so they reduce overall consumption and so are better for the environment.


Can I pitch my own tent next to my friend's Tepee Life tent?

No. Tepee Life tents are all pitched next to each other, there is no space to pop a tent next to your friends’ tepee. However, if both of you have tepee’s, we can make sure you are together. To do this you need to make contact with Tepee Life directly to confirm the arrangement after you have secured your tepee.


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